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zhakkas Review

zhakkas.com is a website which  is running a program where publishers can join and earn money through advertisement.
It is free to join, no investment.
How to apply to join their program as a publisher.
You must have a website for apply.


In Zhakkas.com,

Click on New account, then fill form completely and submit it.
Now login create first ad code for your website, while creation of ad code first time, you will not get ad code and your website will go for review, one of the team member of Zhakkas.com will check your website and see that your website is following rules of zhakkas.com or not.
If yes, then your website will get approve and you will get ad code.

Format for ad code:- They are giving 5 types of format.
  • Banner (120*600)
  • Banner (160*600)
  • Banner (300*250)
  • Banner (468*60)
  • Banner (728*90)
As they declare on there site that they are providing some type of ads are which is - Display, Text, Video, Mobile, Pop Ads, etc.

Zhakkas review for publishers:-

  1. Publishers can take up to 4 ad units on their website.
  2. No Drugs Related Sites
  3. No Gambling/Hacking Sites
  4. No Incentive Sites
  5. No Paid To Click Sites
  6. No Adult Sites
  7. No CAN-Spam
  8. 100$ is the minimum payout for paypal user and $500 for Wire Transfer.
In order to maximize your earning or increase ecpm. Make sure that our ads are place "Above the Fold" of the website, so that it can increase CTR (Click-Through-Rate).

Zhakkas review for advertiser:-

Sizes of ads for advertising:-
-Display Ads: 728x90,468x60, 300x250, 160x600 & 120x600
-Text Ads: All Sizes
-Pop Ads: Full Page
-Mobile Ads: 300x50
-Video Ads: Duration maximum 60 secs in format (.avi & .mp4) file.

How Zhakkas targeting for serve ads

-Country Wise Targeting
-Age Wise Targeting
-Gender Wise Targeting

Advertiser can make payment options via Credit Card, Debit Card, PayPal, Neteller, Payza, Bank Transfer & Check.

Minimum amount for start ads with zhakkas.com is 10$
They are giving two types of advertising way as -
-CPC (Cost-Per-Click)
-CPM (Cost-Per-1000 Impression)

CPC: Charge you for per click made on your ad.
CPM: Charge you for 1000 impressions delivered for your ad

Affiliation program :- Publishers can join their affiliation program for earn more. Publisher can post his affiliation lin to any where such as:-
Forums, Groups, Classified Sites, Social Networking Sites, Websites, Blogs, etc.

User/publisher can earn 10% of the money spent by advertisers you referred 10% of the money earned by publishers you referred.
You can join here Zhakkas.com

Zhakkas network is scam or not:-
We have no any proof to tell you that Zhakkas.com is scam or not. But many other sites are talking about that Zhakkas.com is a scam. That's reason we have generate review on zhakkas.com if you are a visitor or using zhakkas.com ad-network, so please share your review about zhakkas in comments for help others.
Thank You.